Gothic Teachmeet

LATE Gothic

Not to be outdone, L.A.T.E. and the BFI are jumping on the Teachmeet bandwagon and are running a meeting in the style of a teachmeet to get this Gothic Teachers project off the ground.

The plan is to run the next Gothic Teachers meeting as a teachmeet – which, if you haven’t yet been to one, is a vibrant all-in sharing symposium or ‘un-conference’ where presentations are run by the delegates on a voluntary basis.

The format is that delegates sign up to present for 6 or 2 minutes – or simply to attend – and then the presentation order is decided on the night by random selection.

The Theme for this meeting is the Gothic as part of the L.A.T.E/BFI project directed at energising the teaching of this Genre through innovative integration of film in the English classroom.

The intention is that we will film the proceedings and make these available to the whole Gothic Teacher fraternity via this site and Teachmeet TV

If you’re keen to join in – all you have to do is sign up here:

Register for Gothic School Teachmeet


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